Wedding Pattu Sarees

Sarees have remained one of the most versatile and elegant traditional garments of India. This beautiful piece of clothing is particularly the most preferred choice for weddings. When it comes to Silk Sarees for weddings in India, the list remains endless. However, Wedding Pattu Sarees is a timeless pick, and nowadays, this choice is not limited to South Indian weddings anymore.

What are Wedding Pattu Sarees?

Wedding Pattu Sarees or Kanjeevaram Sarees are indigenous to the city of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The wedding saree silk has its unique GI (Geographical Indication) tag as of 2006 from the Government of India. Interestingly, though the wedding saree silk is purely from South India, the zari is procured from Gujarat. Apart from being popular for its vibrancy, wedding pattu sarees are known for the intricate motifs that add an aesthetic value to the silk saree.

How are Wedding Pattu Sarees woven?

The process involved in the weaving is almost half a century old. The wedding saree silk is woven from authentic mulberry silk yarn. The silk thread is dipped for a week in rice water and then dried in the sun. It is notable that the colors and designs of the saree and pallu border have a striking contrast to each other. This is because both these elements of a wedding pattu saree are woven separately, and the two are then adjoined. Every pattu saree resulting from this long process is unique in terms of its designs and color combinations.

Why the kind of wedding sarees silk you choose matters?

Silk sarees for weddings remain uncontested, but the kind of wedding sarees silk you choose matters more than you think. Wedding Pattu sarees drape beautifully around your body because of its thick fabric, making it the most elegant and feminine wedding sarees silk. Weddings today are moving from the traditional ceremonial atmosphere to a more festive and celebratory one and Wedding Pattu Sarees, famous for their colorful, vibrant and fun vibe are the perfect pick.

Authenticity is essential when choosing exquisite handloom sarees. Regardless of the occasion, silk sarees still form an important part of the celebrations of festive India.

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