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Indian women exude elegance in designer Kanjeevaram silk sarees. Many women like to shop for traditional or heritage Kanjivaram silk sarees before every special occasion. However, finding a saree that makes your eyes sparkle with delight is not easy, especially in Bangalore. It is, therefore, important to find a well-stocked shop for designer Kanjeevaram silks in Bangalore.

Where to Shop for Heritage Kanjivaram Silk Sarees?

There are a plethora of famous stores that sell Heritage Kanjivaram silk sarees in Bangalore. If you are a lover of designer Kanjeevaram silks, Angadi Galleria must be on your list of shops to visit. The wide range of dazzling colors available here makes it one of the best shops for designer Kanjeevaram silk sarees in Bangalore. Moreover, Angadi Galleria exclusively sells the special designer collection of "Advaya" Kanjeevaram silk. This impressive collection of designer Kanjeevaram silk sarees will enrapture every discerning woman.

Why “Advaya” Kanjivaram Silk Sarees?

Pure gold, zari brocade sarees from the Advaya bridal collection are to die for. The Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wore a saree from this collection for her South Indian wedding to actor Ranveer Singh in November 2018. The other collections offered under the label are the Classic Collection, the Couture Collection, and the Heritage Kanjivaram Silk Collection.

Advaya Kanjivaram is different from the Kanjeevaram sarees offered by other saree stores in Bangalore because of its unique textile innovation. The new blends and motifs of Advaya, such as silk-linen blend Kanjeevaram and the Khadi Kanjeevaram, have created a new range of gorgeous sarees without altering the age-old weaving technique. Moreover, the unique designs and colors set the label apart from other labels available at some of the best shops for heritage Kanjivaram silk sarees in Bangalore.

Visit Advaya for Designer Kanjeevaram Silks

It takes 30 to 60 days to finish an Advaya Kanjeevaram silk saree. As a result, most designs have limited stock. Angadi Galleria, located on Sankey Road, Sadashiva Nagar, is the perfect place to start Kanjeevaram silk saree shopping for the next special occasion!

At a time when every other label claims to be different but ends up being run-of-the-mill Advaya can truly claim to have broken through the clutter. This designer label focuses on creating traditional Indian textiles by combining unique techniques with an understated design aesthetic.

A brainchild of K. Radharaman, the label was launched in 2010 and began as an In-store private label of The House of Angadi.

The label's success can be traced to its many textile innovations, including the first ever Silk and Linen blended Kanjivaram saree, Khadi Kanjievaram and one-of-a-kind Ikkat Kanjivaram, to name a few.


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