Bridal Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

The Bridal Kanjeevaram Silk Saree is a traditional and valuable adornment made for brides for one of the most important days of their life. The Kanjeevaram saree is specially made in the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu, and has thousands of years of history in its making. Wearing a bridal designer Kanjeevaram silk saree on one’s wedding day is a special way to celebrate weddings and important occasions while investing in an heirloom item that one may pass down from generation to generation and wear on memorable events.

Hence, finding the best brocade Kanjeevaram silk saree is important. The best authentic stores ensure that the bridal Kanjeevaram silk sarees are made from pure mulberry silk using traditional hand-crafted methods, bringing to life the history and culture of the Kanchipuram region into the woven silk. While the silk is South Indian, the intricate gold and silver Zari thread are often from Gujrat, making the traditional Kanjeevaram silk saree an elaborate and beautiful representative of the country’s fine handicraft and art.

One of the best places to buy bridal designer Kanjeevaram silk sarees is Advaya by Angadi, on Sankey Road in Bangalore. It has a long history of dealing with textiles and Kanjeevaram sarees in particular. They provide bridal and special sarees in different forms, from classical sarees that hail back to techniques from several decades ago to reinterpreted and modern Kanjeevaram silk sarees created by modern innovative methods that can only be found at Advaya.

At Advaya, you can find a variety of styles, designs, and motifs in rare combinations of colors and designs which are sure to stand out and make your bridal experience a unique and memorable affair. The variety available at Advaya is sure to suit the taste of every bride; traditional, modern, and in-between. Some of the best brocade Kanjeevaram silk sarees with unique designs can only be found exclusively at Advaya.

For weddings, bridal designer Kanjeevaram silk sarees are the best choice. The bridal Kanjeevaram silk saree is distinct and suitable for a once-in-a-lifetime event and can be worn over several special occasions. Brocade Kanjeevaram silk sarees are always the best option for any special occasion deserving a sophisticated garment that is timeless and classic.

At a time when every other label claims to be different but ends up being run-of-the-mill Advaya can truly claim to have broken through the clutter. This designer label focuses on creating traditional Indian textiles by combining unique techniques with an understated design aesthetic.

A brainchild of K. Radharaman, the label was launched in 2010 and began as an In-store private label of The House of Angadi.

The label's success can be traced to its many textile innovations, including the first ever Silk and Linen blended Kanjivaram saree, Khadi Kanjievaram and one-of-a-kind Ikkat Kanjivaram, to name a few.


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